In case you hadn't figured it out, this website is an example of my work! Others you can check out...

David MacDowell Blue - my primary website that highlights my writing.
Francesca Miller - website to my friend and fellow writer, Francesca. This one is quite large and elaborate.
Doctor Pozzi - dedicated to one of the most fascinating men of the 19th century, the founder of modern gynecology as well the sometimes lover of the great Sarah Bernhardt!
Dances to Inspire - website of the dancer Meryem Vani as well as her middle eastern dance troupe.

The following are website templates designed by yours truly. First up, a pair based on an earlier version of my writing site:

I call this design DECO, as it was inspired by the art style so popular in the 1930s.

This one I call ONYX since it begins and ends with the colors and 'feel' of that stone.

Here is the website for a fictional restaurent called THE ALCOVE CAFE.

And one for an attorney in a mythic town. His name is JOHN D. SMITH