In The Place of Owls

Status: In progress

The Dark Swans

A full length play (5 women, 2 men)

A semi-murder mystery involving the new owners of an almost legendary set of stringed instruments, said to bring tragedy upon all those who possess them -- a violin and viola originally made for a married couple who perished aboard the Titanic without every having seen them.

Status: Very much in progress!



O! Leviathan!

A full length play, with (so far) 3 men, 3 women

An historical drama involving a Connecticutt family and a non-stranger who returns to their home, setting off a chain of reactions. Set in the years when the nation was sliding towards Civil War--and more importantly, when people (especially these people) began to notice.

Status: In temporary hiatus.

Noah's Cove

A full-length play in five scenes (1 man, 3 women)

My modern southern gothic ghost story--which may (or may not) involve an actual ghost. Essentially, though, I see this as the same genre as Chekhov's great plays, and many of Tennesee Williams'. Noah Garth, his sister and her children in many ways are my metaphor for America. Yeah...pretentious. But with ghosts and stuff.

Status: Completed! Have submitted this to various theatre companies and playwriting contests.


A one act play

Ever since reading Le Fanu's last work I've wanted to write a dramatized version. More than once I tried. Now at last I did it!

To capture as much as possible the visceral experience of the original work, I updated the time period from mid-19th century to mid-20th, when instead of the repressive Austrian Empire the far more repressive (and better understood as such) Third Reich held sway. At the same time I kept the sense of a tale told to another (very much in the "vein" of Amadeus).

Status: Completed and published !

photo credit: Richard M. Johnson

Dracula: The Film Script

Among certain folks, debate over film versions of Bram Stoker's novel abound. We all have our favorites, the ones we complain the most about, and of course ideas about how we'd like to see it done. Yours truly decided to do it. I'm writing my own screenplay of Dracula. Hopefully some folks will enjoy reading it. Should some producer or director really like it as well--I shall not complain.


Status: In progress

Dracula: The Film Script