Blogs & Authors

 - My dear friend and fellow author.  I really like her website, and not simply because I designed it.

Stephen R. Donaldson - One of my favorite writers, creator of Thomas Covenant.

Suburban Vampire - The blog of my friend C. E. Karp. She is kind and funny.

Taliesin Meets The Vampires - Easily the most exhaustive review site for vampire movies, t.v. shows, novels, etc.

George R.R.Martin - If you love epic fantasy, then you should definitely check out A Song of Ice and Fire (unless of course you already have...)

Be Heard and Be Trusted - The personal blog/website of a friend who tirelessly tries to help people achieve their hopes and ambitions, as well as heal personal wounds.

The_Detective - A local (Los Angeles) blog of my friend Spencer Cotter. We go to many of the same plays.

Resources of Interest

TVTropes - Slightly misnamed because this site lists and explains tropes (memes, elements, etc.) in all kinds of storytelling not just television.

Goodreads - A wonderful social networking site dedicated to readers and reading.

Create Space -'s self-publishing service.  Methinks this will increasingly be the wave of the future, not least for "trying out" the works of new authors.

Lulu - Another major resource for self-publishing/publishing on demand.  For free.

Samuel French, Inc. - The premier publisher of stage plays in the United States.

Absolute Write Water Cooler - Message board for writers by writers and all about...well, pretty much everything really.

Wikipedia - Odds are, you already know what this is, i.e. an online excyclopedia.  Not authoratative by any means but a nifty reference guide nonetheless.

Morrigan Books - A relatively new publishing house based on the web and specializing in some kinds of dark fantasy.

Vampire's Kiss - A growing Facebook group for all fans of the undead

Babylon - You can get instant translations here for most common modern languages.

Latest Email Hoaxes, etc. - Such a useful thing on the net!

Factcheck - As Gregory House once noted "Everyone lies" but it really helps to find out what the lies are.

Fun and Silliness

The Hillywood Show! Home page of a pair of extremely talented sisters, creators of many a delightful parody video. Cannot recommend them highly enough!

MONSTAAH - Maximum Observation and/or Nullification of Supernatural Terrors Autonomous Agents Headquarters

Vlogbrothers - John and Hank Green, writer and musician, offer both humor and insight in startling, lovely ways.

How It Should Have Ended - Exactly what it sounds like. Animated versions of how many famous films maybe should have ended.

FilmMetro where you can find screenings for FREE MOVIES!

LOL Cats - Frankly, one of the funniest websites on the web.  If you love felines (as I do) and like a good laugh, please take a gander here.

Cthulhu/Palin in 2012! - Somehow, this makes sooooo much sense.

Bert is EVIL - It is true.  The beloved muppet is so much more than Ernie's grouchy roommate.  Be warned this site contains a glimpse of Hell-on-Earth.

Evil Overlord List - A classic list of what villains should not do (yet all-too-often are their SOP).  I very nearly put this among Sources of Interest above.