For as long as memory serves, I've found shadows a source of comfort. The inbetween places. All the edges which blur where one truth starts Beginning and another begins Ending. Like the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ. Or the way we all live our days infused with both male and female. Yes, all of us (to some degree). Bittersweetness. Dusk and dawn. Moments when we must genuinely question what is Good, what makes a thing Evil?

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AUGUST 28, 2016 - Recently had a reading of a personal edit of Shakespeare's Richard III in North Hollywood at Theatre Unleashed. The text we have runs about four hours with around three dozen speaking parts! Mine runs closer to ninety minutes with about fifteeen roles. Also re-arranged things willy nilly to bring into sharper focus what seems to me the essential truth of the play--it is a tragedy, not a history. The idea is for me to direct this sometime next year for the Actaeon Players!

AUGUST 23, 2016 - I was interviewed for a podcast, the Television Crossover Universe, mostly about my favorite vampire tale and the play I wrote based upon it, with some comments about theatre in general.

AUGUST 10, 2016 - So pleased to announce the fourth production of my play Carmilla is scheduled for Halloween! The Reedy Point Players in Delaware have already had auditions.

JULY 29, 2016 - I should have already posted this (got behind, mea culpa) but my play Carmilla is now published by Off the Wall Plays!

JULY 2, 2016 - Have made what I hope are the last major changes in my play Noah's Cove. Just took a sideways step and included a weirdly non-naturalistic bit at the beginning and end. About half a dozen theatres are looking at the script now...

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