Favorite Writers:
William Shakespeare
Caryl Churchill
Dennis Potter
Joss Whedon


Favorite Novels :
Winds of War
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
The Lovely Bones
The Curse of Chalion

Startide Rising

Favorite Movies:
The Usual Suspects
Blade Runner
Love, Actually
Let Me In
Silence of the Lambs
A Mighty Wind

Favorite T.V. Shows:
Battlestar Galactica

Doctor Who
The Prisoner
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Young Dracula
Babylon 5

So who is the David MacDowell Blue person anyway?

I never really know how to answer this question.

A few rough facts about my timeline? Transplantation in childhood from San Francisco to Florida, eventually graduating from University of West Florida with a BA in Theatre Arts. All this after finishing in the bottom quarter of my high school class, even with some of the highest SAT and ACT scores in the state? Attendance of the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York City, where I got to play Malvolio in Twelfth Night? I ended up in Los Angeles within two years of my parents' deaths.

Signs or portents? I was born sagitarius in the year of the boar. Make of that what you will. For that matter, being premature, my birth included a caul--which according to legend makes me a vampire. Or a werewolf. Or both.

At present I write. Plays, articles and reviews for the most part. It is how I make my meager living.

Don't know if any of you care much about my love life. You needn't worry about my going into too much detail. However, I will say in middle age not one but two wonderful women entered my life. Colleen sadly passed away in 2005, a fact that sent me seeking medical attention in terms of antidepressants. They made it possible for me to function. But having had only medicinal treatment, rather than therapy, lingering aftereffects of my grief very nearly ruined another romance. Cherie is a single mom and archeologist, a wonderful woman by every standard I care to measure. Not least among her personal virtues are vast strength and a willingness to challenge me, make me think again an easy answer comes to my lips. I pray she chooses to remain a part of my life.


I am also (or used to be, until some health problems) a belly dancer...although obviously I do not wear a costume that looks anything at all like that of Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie...